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Have I been forgiven for disappearing for a few months now? Enjoy!

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›› Photoshoots: Set 46
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Another new exclusive set of photoshoots!

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›› Photoshoots: Set 45
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New unseen photoshoots added to the gallery!

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›› Gallery Updates: Random
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Just a little general update with most recent promotional photos and personal photos of Eoin, if you have any that you wish to share with the website, please email us with the pics! I have a little treat coming up for you guys very shortly!

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›› Eoin Macken Lands US TV Pilot
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Irish actor Eoin Macken has landed his first US starring role in new NBC pilot ‘After Hours’, which is being helmed by ‘Taken’ director Pierre Morel.

The Dublin-born actor will fly to LA next week to film the hour-long pilot with Morel, who handpicked Macken for the lead role of former army member TC Callahan, after Macken sent over a series of test shots.

The role of Callahan will see Macken take on an American accent, in which his character returns from the army for a position at a San Antonio medical centre, where he locks horns with his superiors over his unconventional brands of medicine.

Speaking to IFTN, Macken said he was “really looking forward to it”, and admitted he signed up to the NBC show due to the “bloody good script” from ‘90210’ writers Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah.

The ‘Merlin’ actor got the call last Friday, just two weeks after he was sent the script. Fresh from his stint as Gwaine in BBC series ‘Merlin’, Macken was shooting the final leg of his upcoming feature ‘Cold’ when the ‘After Hours’ process began.

The successful cinematographer and up-and-coming director will spend one month in LA and New Mexico shooting the NBC pilot, as post-production gets underway on ‘Cold’, his latest feature film which stars his ‘Merlin’ co-star Tom Hopper and ‘What Richard Did’ actor Jack Reynor.

‘After Hours’ will be directed by Morel (Taken, From Paris with Love), with writers Sachs and Judah also executive producing. Sony Pictures TV is producing.

It will be decided whether ‘After Hours’ gets picked up for series or not in pilot season in January.

›› Gallery: Midlands MCM Comic Con
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Here are more recent pictures of Eoin attending the Midlands MCM Comic Con! Enjoy! [Read More]

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  • Midlands Comic Con [18]

Please give credit to pictures where it is due. If you are going to repost these pictures, credit the photographer: these photos are from here.

›› Gallery: National Television Awards
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I finally got around to posting the Nation Television Awards pictures, enjoy them guys!

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  • National Television Awards – [04]

›› What’s Next For Merlin & Its Cast?
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Though not unexpected, it is sad that hear that Series 5 will be the final hurrah for Merlin.

To be fair, the production had always suggested that this would be a five year show, but in many ways there is still a lot of untapped potential for the characters given their relative youth. As each year has progressed, the show has increased its both production values and ambition. Series 5 has been a world away from where Merlin started and has become essential Saturday night viewing, holding its own against The X Factor.

This year, with the institution of the Round Table, the death of Elyan in ‘The Dark Tower’ and the reintroduction of Mordred at the start of the series, it was clear that the stakes were increasing. Also, the recent news that actor Eoin Macken (Gwaine) was doing a US TV pilot seemed to indicate that at least his character would not be coming back.

In most versions of Arthurian legend it is Mordred who kills Arthur in battle, often perishing also. For the BBC’s take on the story, which has cast Mordred as a young Druid who possesses magic, he is a mirror for Merlin. We suspect that his desire to live in world free to use his abilities may be the key to Arthur’s undoing. Merlin, on the other hand, has continually put his dreams aside for what he believes is the greater good.

While Arthur’s fate has been foretold, Merlin’s will doubtless be the more surprising. In Malloy’s Le Morte d’Arthur he is the victim of a sorceress named Nimue, whom he adores. She learns everything she can from him but then tires of his affections and leaves him entombed forever.

Of course, Numueh was Merlin’s big bad in the first series, but in other versions of the tale that character is known as Vivien, Viviane or Niniane and sometimes she is the Lady of the Lake, or Morgana’s mother. Her trap is variously a rock, an ice cave or an invisible tower. Either way it doesn’t look good for Merlin! It’s worth remembering that this sow has a penchant for giving us a fresh take on legend, so perhaps they will provide something completely different.

And after the series ends, what is next for Merlin?

There has been talk of a potential Merlin animated series, but executive producer Julian Murphy told CultBox that this could only really be considered once the TV series had ended. We imagine one avenue to explore is the tales of Merlin after the fall of Arthur, or perhaps such a show could occupy series gaps and fill in detail.

On the positive side, this could allow the chance for the central character to breathe, free from the show’s constraints, and have some solo adventures which would be unlimited by budget. Alternatively, such an animation might feel hampered by knowing the specifics of the characters’ ultimate fates, or worse still, it might be restricted by being aimed at an even younger audience than the show currently enjoys.

There has also been the suggestion of a movie trilogy, an idea first mooted at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego by the show’s co-creator and executive producer Johnny Capps. He indicated there were a couple ways this might pan out, either as a reboot which could restage certain key elements of the show’s five year run, or perhaps as a continuation of the tale. Either would be interesting, though we wonder what might sustain a Merlin movie trilogy without the key points of Arthurian Legend to underpin it?

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